Cast Iron Black Door Handles

A pair of fixed pull handles with a forged upset end, punched hole and riveted tenon joint. Designed as non-moving handles for doors or cupboards.

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With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's requirements for interior decoration are becoming higher and higher, and even small items such as door handles are becoming more and more concerned. From the front door handle may only be a tool to open and close doors, but now the door handle is no longer a simple tool, but also a decoration that can affect the interior decoration effect. Therefore, many people are very careful when choosing doorknobs.If you need to change the door handle, how do you remove it?

I. Internal disassembly

1. Before disassembling the door handle, first prepare the disassembled tools, then read the installation instructions of the door handle clearly. After knowing the structure of the door handle, remove the fixing screw of the door handle with the tools, and then remove the lock tongue.

2. Then take down the baffle screw in the room, you can see the internal fastening structure, and now begin the real demolition operation, and according to a certain order of demolition.

3. In addition, there will be special clip springs in some places, which need to be removed with clip pliers, so this tool should be prepared in advance.

This product is made from high-quality cast iron forged by artisans. It also offers painted and sprayed surfaces, or original cast iron surfaces without any surface treatment, depending on you. Because of the use of raw materials and surface treatment, it has a smooth surface and feels cottony.



PaymentT/T 30% deposit, balance payment before shipping
Production timeSample order& Usual order: 7-10days

Production order: 30-45 days according to the order quantity



Delivery time:

 Samples well be ready well samples within 10-15 working days when we have inventory. 
Delivery takes 3-10 days.
Mass Production order:  it will take 35-45 days according to the order quantity. 
Acceptable third party inspection. 





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