Desk Hardware Technology

- Mar 08, 2018-

The hardware process is analyzed into four points:
1. In modern furniture hardware, the proportion of glass, high-gloss materials (matte, paint, high-gloss veneer, etc.) and metal materials combined with traditional furniture plates has an increasing trend. For example, the application of all-glass door hardware is gradually increasing.
2. Damping function has become an essential function of various furniture. For example, the most used ones are damping drawer rails, damper door hinges, damping sliding door hardware, damper door bumps, and damping up and down door hardware.
3. Liftable combination table system, desktop storage management system, such as: LCD monitor stand, telephone stand, etc. Various wire management systems, such as desktop dark sockets and various specialized hardware, are widely used in office furniture. For example: heavy fishing basket drawers, office door hinges, etc.
4. Pressing the door hinges, drawer rails and dark handles are widely used in furniture without handles and dark handles, such as PUSH hinges, press pins, PUSH drawer rails, and dark handles. The concealed connector refers to the connection between the two plates, the connector is not visible from the outside, and the connection is numerous. Dark handle furniture, there is no handle on the surface, more use on the kitchen cabinet, the cabinet is also used, these push-type anklets, press it when opening.

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