Desk Purchase Standard

- Mar 30, 2018-

A good desk should be considered in addition to the space where the information products should be placed. It should also have sufficient horizontal and vertical line storage space to avoid the exposed lines. It should also be noted that the high-voltage power supply and information lines need to be isolated. Magnetic field interference causes data loss. The front edge of the table should be rounded or beveled, or a quarter circle design to avoid the traditional right angle design will oppress the construction of indoor and outdoor architects and architecture communication platform, realize the industry's online working community, realize The construction industry has guided the real estate industry to develop the ills of the blood vessels in the elbow. The design of the table has reached the point of thinking and extension. The staff does not have to sit at the table. There are many communication platforms for building indoor and outdoor architects and architectures, realizing the industry's online working community, and realizing the construction industry. Industry development work, such as full-time enquiries, mapping and the like, of course requires a higher desktop. In addition, the material is no longer limited to steel. The addition of various materials such as tempered glass, leather, wood, and aluminum alloy makes the desk more varied and presents a more lively look.

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