Cast Iron Clown Bottle Opener

Bottle opener, ordinary plastic bottle opener, wine knife (small knife opener), European bottle opener, T-type bottle opener, alloy bottle opener (butter opener), vacuum bottle opener, electric bottle opener , table opener, wall-mounted bottle opener, mini bottle opener, etc. Our bottle opener is cast iron wall hanging.

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When we open the beer, we often see weapons coming out of the beer bottle. This is because the pressure is reduced, the volume of the gas expands, the heat is absorbed, the temperature is lowered, and the gas is liquefied into small water droplets, that is, fog. So we have to use a safe bottle opener to open it to prevent the gas pressure from rising and hurting ourselves.



Production Time(1) Sample order: 10-15days if in stock
(2) Production order: 30-35 days according to the order quantity
OEM/ODMprofessional engineer team stand by for service.
Quality Control(1) Welcome to visit our factory
(2) Acceptable third party inspection





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